Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tours does Shred Video support?

We provide video and photo solutions for almost any adventure tour imaginable. Request a demo now to see Shred Video work for you.

How does Shred Video work?

Shred Video uses a combination of LiDar, GPS, and smart camera technology to automatically capture videos + photos of any tour or activity. We then use proprietary algorithms to process the videos and photos into cinema quality media.

Your first step is a call with us so we can understand your tour/activity. If we have a solution that already works for your tour/activity, we’ll come out and demo it right away.

If we need to design something new, we’ll use our suite of tools to customize a solution just for you. We do all of this free of charge, and we’ll demo the solution live before you commit any payment.

How do my customers view their videos and photos?

Customer media is immediately viewable on touchscreen tablets and cinema TV displays that we provide as part of every solution.

How long after the tour/activity can customers see their videos and photos?

Immediately. Our smart camera technology and proprietary algorithms work insanely fast. Your customers see their videos/photos right after their activity ends with zero wait time.

How much does Shred Video cost?

Shred Video is not just affordable, we make you money! We don’t collect any revenue until you’re making sales to live customers, and our clients typically make 200% more in new net profit than we collect in fees.

That sounds pretty good! What’s your pricing structure?

For new solutions (tours or activities that do not currently serve videos/photos to customers) we do a revenue share with you on media sold to customers.

For existing integrations (tours or activities that already serve videos/photos to customers) we offer custom pricing depending on the level of integration. Request a free demo today and we’ll provide a quote.

Does Shred require a long-term contract?

Nope, we don’t require a contract. You can use Shred Video as long as you like with no obligation.

How do customers take their media home?

If you have a decent internet connection (10mbps or better down/up) we’ll send your customers their media via email + weblink. If you don’t have good internet we’ll deliver media onto USB memory sticks.

How does Shred help with brand exposure on social media?

We serve customers their videos/photos on a custom branded webpage optimized for sharing on social media.

The customer experience is great. Immediately after their purchase, they are emailed a link. That link takes them to a personal page where the customer can view and share their media right from their mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or any other internet connected device.

The customer’s page is great for growing your business too. You can include promotional videos + photos, marketing links to your bookings pages, and SEO optimization to give you a traffic boost from every page visit.

What happened to the Shred Video apps for iOS and Mac OS X?

The Shred apps for iOS and Mac OS X are still alive, though not currently in active development. Check out their FAQ here.