Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shred Video?

Shred Video is an app for iPhone, Mac, and AppleTV that creates movies from raw videos in one minute.

Who is it for?

Anyone that records video of their travels and adventures. It’s specifically designed with novice videographers in mind: no video production or editing experience required.

Importing videos and music

What cameras can I use for Shred Video?

Shred Video works with video recorded from any camera, whether you use a GoPro, Drone, iPhone, or almost everything else.

What video file formats can I use with Shred Video?

Shred Video can process any video file that works with Apple’s Quicktime player (e.g., MP4 and .MOV). Click here to see all the file types Quicktime supports.

Can I use photos in Shred Video?

Yes, you can. Click here to see which photo file formats are Quicktime compatible.

Choosing highlights / customize edits

Why do I need to choose my highlights?

At Shred Video, you're the director and we’re your production team. You tell us your favorite scenes, and we make sure they’re professionally edited and featured in your movie. We’re currently developing technology that helps you identify these scenes, stay tuned for updates!

What videos should I choose as “action” shots?

Any high-intensity action scene you’d like featured prominently in your final cut. For best results, choose a scene with a person in the frame, doing an activity that involves speed or acrobatics.

Do I have to have “action” shots to make a movie in Shred Video?

No; nothing in Shred Video is mandatory. The custom edit and selection options are only there to help if your movie needs it.

The trimmer only let’s me select one scene from each clip. How can I use multiple scenes from the same clip?

On Mac:
Click the “+” icon in the editing interface, and next the ‘duplicate’ your clip. Then trim the segments you want from each duplicate clip.

On iPhone:
Tap “select’ in the editing interface, and then the “duplicate’ button to duplicate the clips you selected. Then trim each segment you want from each duplicate.

Contact anytime you’re not able to get the result you want.

Video composition / shredding

How does Shred Video work?

Shred Video analyzes the videos/photos and music you import, any custom clip selections you apply, and processes them into a professionally edited movie.

How long does it take Shred Video to compose my movie?

Usually just seconds. The faster your device (e.g., an iPhone 6S is faster than an iPhone 5), and fewer your video clips and selections, the faster Shred Video can process your movie.

That said, the best movies often involve a lot of clips and custom selections, so don’t be shy about adding clips. Even the slowest movies usually only take a minute or two to process.

I don’t like the first movie Shred Video gave me. What do I do?

Click or tap the ‘Shred’ button, and you’ll get a new movie in seconds. You can also enter the edit screen to trim scenes and apply custom settings.

If you can’t get the result you want after a few tries, contact, and we’ll get you the help you need.

My movie is shorter than I want. How do I make it longer?

There are a few ways to make your movies longer:

  1. Flag more “high-action” clips in the custom settings and apply slomo.
  2. Import more video clips or photos.
  3. Use the duplicate button (‘ +’ icon) to add multiple scenes or sections from a single long clip.

If you have trouble with any of this, contact and we’ll walk you through.

Watch anywhere

Where can I watch my saved movies in Shred Video?

You can watch your saved and uploaded movies in two places:

  1. In the Shred Video apps for iPhone, Mac, and AppleTV.
  2. At the unique URL provided whenever you tap the ‘share’ button on a watched video.

Your Shred Video account is transferable across all your Apple devices and the web. Login anytime to see your entire portfolio of movies made with Shred Video.

How can I save my movies to my device or local hard drive?

Subscribers to Shred Pro can download movies for permanent viewing. Select a movie from your Shred profile, click the ‘download’ button, and your movie will be saved to your local hard drive or camera roll.

Shred Pro

What is Shred Pro?

Shred Pro is a premium service that offers upgraded benefits to subscribers. With Shred Pro, you can save and upload unlimited movies in beautiful HD, download movies to your local device or hard drive, and (on iPhone) access premium licensed music tracks.

Why do I have to pay to get my movies in HD?

HD video costs money to encode, store, and stream. We have to pay each of our encoding, storage, and streaming partners, and therefore must recover these costs to keep the Shred Video service up and running. We try to keep our costs and prices as low as possible because, like you, we believe that all video should be captured and played back in the maximum possible quality.

How does the Shred Pro subscription work?

You subscribe once, and your subscription will auto-renew in each period for the length of your subscription. You may cancel anytime, and your subscription will stop renewing at the next pay period. Any movies you make while your subscription is active will be stored and encoded in HD and will remain in HD after your subscription ends. Visit the Shred Video page in the App Store to get more info on how to manage subscriptions.

Will movies I saved previously be upgraded to HD after I subscribe?

They will not. Only movies you save during an active subscription period will be saved in HD. On the plus side, because Shred Video makes movies really fast, you should be able to recreate an HD version of the previously saved movie pretty quickly.

I’m a subscriber and my movie isn’t streaming in HD. What’s wrong?

As long as you became a subscriber prior to saving and uploading a movie, your movie will be saved in HD. To view it in HD quality online, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Bitmovin to provide high-quality, adaptive streaming that optimizes your videos playback for speed and resolution quality. For maximum quality, you’ll want to stream on a high-speed internet connection that is at least 5 Mbps.

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